How does GigFlix avoid copyright conflict?

GigFlix Studio templates are protected under the Fair Use doctrine of Copyright Law. They qualify as fair use primarily because of their adherence to the four main points of the doctrine.

1) Purpose and character – The templates can be interpreted as transformative as opposed to derivative. In other words, we are not taking a single film and attempting to supercede its original purpose. We take a multiple amount of scenes from a multiple amount of films in order to create a completely new and non-derivative sequence.
2) Nature of the copied work – The nature of our templates matches the nature of the copied work. Fiction work is used to create new fiction work for the benefit of a new social and cultural addition, rather than a derivative misrepresentation of the original work.
3) Amount and substantiality – The amount of footage used from each specific film is very limited. This allows us to make sure we do not take from the scene the original intention rather our newly designed storyline.
4) Effect upon work’s value – The templates do not take away ANY value of the original works. In fact, we aim to advertise the original works as much as possible via credits pages and rolling credits. We want everyone to recognize, remember and possibly purchase the films we use; so we make note of their production company and current distributor on the respective credits pages.

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How can I quickly see which movies are included in each template?

Check out the credits page to find the list of movies used in each template.
“Venus” Credits / Storybook Credits

What if I want to add or take out a specific film clip from the template?

Unfortunately, we do not tailor edits for each client.

As mentioned on the about page, our templates are made under the complete discretion of the editor involved.  They aim to include a wide variety of films from all genres and styles, modern and classic.  What we suggest is to keep in mind that the finished product is not only for your personal entertainment but for the broad entertainment of your party guests.  Chances are, you will have a wide range of ages, personalities and opinions to entertain in one comprehensive piece.  Much like an Academy Award montage, we hope our range of films will keep them all in their seats.

Either way, it’s much better than subjecting your guests to your standard boring picture slides for 20 minutes!

Why does my download take so long?

Our HD instant downloads are hosted on dropbox data server for easy access by all our clients at any given time, but the actual download time depends on your home internet connection.  Our HD (.mp4) files can be anywhere between 200  to 800 MB, so they will take a some time to download either way.  Some clients have been able to download, during off hours of internet use, within a 10-20 minute range.  Please contact us if you have issues and we can arrange a hard copy to be sent to you for an additional fee.

Which editing platform can I use to edit my HD template?

There are tons of software options for you when it comes to home editing, no matter if you are on a MAC or PC.  In fact, you might actually already have editing software on your computer right now.  MAC’s are generally sold with built in options like imovie or premier and PC’s can come with software like moviemaker.  If you do not have anything built in you can easily find a number of options online here or here that can be downloaded and installed in minutes.

We here at GigFlix recommend  using the VERY EASY Wondershare video editor product.  Click below and get 20% off for a limited time on the purchase of their amazingly simple editing platform:

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The best part is that because you will only be dealing with our HD template as a base file and adding only your pictures, you won’t have to learn any exotic editing techniques and your program will run quickly and efficiently.