Who We Are

GigFlix Studio is the brainchild of a small group of professional editors working in and around Los Angeles…at every level of the industry.

What We Do

We take some of the funniest, most interesting and most romantic scenes and clips from REAL Hollywood movies and edit them in and around your pictures. Simple as that!

Our collection of templates is constantly evolving, but our goal remains the same. ‘Produce a unique video slideshow that will truly entertain all of your guests, no matter what type of event.’


Over the last few years, we found ourselves creating a number of ‘special’ event videos and slideshows for friends and family. Everything from straight photo montages to full interview compilations. They all received attention and appreciation in their own right, but nothing came close to the type of praise we received for our ‘movie scenes’ storyline pieces. After event screenings, we were consistently approached by event guests that wanted us to tailor the edits for their own upcoming events.

GigFlix Studio was born.

Why Templates?

The answer to this is easy.

We figured out that personalized edits, tailored for the specific tastes of each and every person we encountered, meant hours and hours in edit time and subsequent changes. It became unfeasible to dedicate so much time for little return.

Also, we discovered that most people actually favored our pre-edited templates to begin with, saving time and effort on their part as well.

We decided to focus on creating storyline templates that take the guesswork and variables out of the equation. This allowed our editors to be as creative as possible, making the movies fun, interesting and dynamic. It also allowed our customer to consider only what pictures they may want to include in the final edit and allowed them to focus more on planning a killer party!