Video Slideshows
that use
REAL movie scenes
in and around
YOUR pictures!

Our Templates

Not Your Average Video Slideshow

GigFlix Studio takes the funniest, most interesting and most romantic clips from popular (classic & modern) movies and edits them into amazing video montages suitable for all ages.
Just add YOUR pictures in the designated sections of one of our templates and make it your own!

How To Order

Step 1: View

Browse the templates

The only way to really see how these templates work is to take a moment and click through them. They are all unique and use movie clips from a variety of popular movies. You might recognize more than you think…and hopefully before you know it, you’ll be caught up in one!
Go ahead, click on one below or see our entire collection.

Step 2: Choose

DIY or Full Service Version

Once you settled on one of our templates you will have to decide on how you want to receive it. We offer two different ways for you to get your movie. You can choose to download it and edit in your photographs on your own OR just let us do all the work and upload your pictures to us via secure upload.

Step 3: Purchase

PayPal and/or credit card

Go through our easy payment system and pay via paypal or with your credit card.  If you select the Do-It-Yourself version you will get an email with your link to download the file. If you choose the Full Service version you will get an email with detailed instructions on how to upload your pictures to us.


Featured Slideshow Templates

Here are a couple of our most recent templates.  Our catalog is always being updated so check back often.